Eco-Management Acceptable Materials




Plastic containers recycle plastic Remove lids. Rinse and flatten. All plastic containers with #1-7 recycling symbols. All plastic film like grocery bags. DO NOT INCLUDE any plastic without the #1-7 recycling symbol. No styrofoam, no motor oil or chemical containers. No lids.
Glass bottles and jars
recycle glass bottles
Bottles, containers of all colors NO BROKEN GLASS! due to safety no broken glass will be accepted
Tin and aluminum cans
All aluminum and steel cans. aluminum pie plates and foils are accepted. Rinse thoroughly. DO NOT INCLUDE aerosols and cans that once contained hazardous chemicals.
Newspapers, magazines & mixed paper recycle newspaper Newspapers (including all inserts), phone books, junk mail, magazines, catalogues, office paper & envelopes (wondowed & regular), paper bags and other items that are 100% paper. Staples are accepted. DO NOT INCLUDE waxed or foil-coated paper, Styrofoam, used tissues or paper towels.
BoxBoard recycle cardboard Cereal, pasta, laundry and shoe boxes, etc. Remove liners/windows, and flatten boxes. NO Waxed, plastic-coated cartons or foil gift wrap.
Corrugated cardboard recycle cardboard Must be cut down to fit inside the blue bags, or be flattened and tied in bundles. Place underneath the blue bag. Use string or twine to tie bundles, not wire. (Including pizza boxes, with liners and food removed.) NO Wax or plastic coating.